We are constantly researching the latest tends in design and technology applicable to the sector.


Our commitment to the Environment leads us to constantly innovate in the development of new products.


Innovation is one of the basic pillars of our philosophy, given that our aim is the excellence of our products.


We are in the technological vanguard in the manufacturing of soles and anatomical insoles.

Dual density, maximum comfort.

Comfort and Resistance.

Light and Ecological.

The lighter TPU


We have an R&D Department responsible for the implementation of new technological advances, the improvement of our products and the optimisation of production processes.


Resimol puts at your disposal a wide range of completely new products where you will discover the trends in design, new manufacturing materials and the excellent finishes of our collections.


We give you the possibility to manufacture exclusive models and to carry out special technological developments adapted to your needs.

Ecological Soles and Insoles

We are specialised in the manufacturing of soles and anatomical insoles for shoes, by using the latest technology at the service of design and comfort. Our range of products covers various materials and manufacturing techniques, from compact and expanded TR soles to anatomical insoles, including different versions of the TPU soles (standard, light and ecological)

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