The thermoplastic polyurethane is characterized by its high resistance to abrasion, wear, tear, oxygen, ozone and low temperatures. This combination of properties makes the thermoplastic polyurethane an engineering plastic.

This is a new generation of shoe soles for high performance and low weight footwear, which combines design, comfort and outstanding performance. This
allows the product to reach excellent physical and mechanical properties while maintaining a light weight. In the same way, this product allows the
development of any type of design, possessing high quality finishes.

The sole has the property of being highly resistant to abrasion, has longer life than rubber soles, better resilience property, this makes walking more comfortable, besides having very good gloss and matte finishes.

Created in 1993, it was a great innovation, since so far this material was not used for shoe soles, causing the expansion of the company to foreign markets and the opportunity to work with the major shoe companies in Europe. The above product is introduced as a good alternative to the vulcanized rubber soles, since it has excellent qualities with a significant weight reduction.

The advantages of the TPU include:

  • Ultra soft and flexible.
  • Lightweight.
  • Excellent physical and mechanical properties: Very good grip and excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Shock Absortion..
  • It allows working with inserts of welts, logos and special pieces.

Dual density, maximum comfort.

Comfort and Resistance.

Light and Ecological.

The lighter TPU