Who we are?

At Resimol we are specialised in the design and manufacture of soles and anatomical insoles for shoe professionals.

Our philosophy is based on constant innovation at the service of QUALITY and COMFORT. Research on new materials and manufacturing techniques has positioned us in the vanguard of design, technique and trends in the shoe component sector.

For more than 30 years of experience we have strived to offer our clients high quality both for our products and the service. RESIMOL began its activity in 1982 and since them we have focused on innovation, which has taken us to achieve various business milestones:

1989SoftSole launch:

A sole with two different hardnesses, a rigid one for the heel to provide security and a softer one in the foot sole to provide comfort.

1993 – Development of the PROXIM sole:

Sole made of expanded TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). The use of this new material meant quite a revolution at the time, which drove Resimol to grow in foreign markets and to work with the most important shoe manufacturing companies in Europe.

2010 – Comprehensive ONEPIECE insole

Insole for sandals made of a special mixture of polymers. The use of dual density technology allows the combination of a rigid area with the integrated shank (where the heel is directly fixed), and a soft area for the foot sole, which allows the shoe flexure and provides comfort.

2011 – Development of the ecological EcoTPU sole:

A new ecological TPU with 60% recyclable plant origin material. It has the same mechanical and physical properties as standard TPU but at the same time it is environmentally-friendly.